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About US

Astra Ryba Foods is a seafood sourcing & trading company specialising in frozen seafoods based out of India & UAE, and with presence in other asian countries is built and run on core ethos – honesty, transparency, consistant quality and providing value to our clients globally, we are committed to continuous improvement. 

We serve customers -  in UK, USA, Canada, EU, UAE , Asia and Africa.

Retailers, Importers, Wholesalers, Restaurant Chains, Manufacturers, Food service, Institutional customers.

We are in sea food business since 1990.Founded and managed by Sea food professionals, with experience of over 3 decades. Trade & Import from over 50 countries.

The facilities are EU, HACCP, USFDA, BAP, ASC, IFS, BRC, SMETA, approved.  Sourcing from India, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Vietnam & China, We have our own quality asssurance  team for different products and facilities.

Product are of highest food safety quality standards, with competeive pricings.


Ryba King Aquatech Solutions Pvt Ltd 

Vegetables, Fruits & Spices  - Exporter

Sea Food processing chemicals -  - Phosphates and Non Phosphates  Importer & Distributor.  We import from Spain, highly quality sea food processing Chemicals.

Phosphates and Phosphate blends
Non Phosphates - Carbonates.
Non Phosphates - Citrates.

Good flavour, Taste and Texture. 

We supply direct fcls, on high seas sale basis, maximum benefit to the factories.

All the products are EU, USFDA approved products.

Astra Ryba Middle East LLC

Sea foods & Meat, Importer, Exporter and General Food trading.

This division deals with  - Middle East customers in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Oman etc.

Africa - South Africa, Namibia & Zambia.


What we do ?


      • We act as a bridge between importers and exporters around the world.
      • Honesty, integrety and transperancy in business is the core Ethos of Astra Ryba
      • Producing and sourcing quality seafoods is our speciality be it our own productions and/or from partner facilities.
      • Produced from ISO, HACCP, BRC, IFS, FSSC 22000, GAP, MSC, US FDA, EU approved partner    facilties.
      • We believe in sustainbale business and work on business model with minimum risks to buyer and seller and work on partnership building
      • Production and quality monitored under experienced in-house quality inspectors.
      • Market price information, the seasons, guidance for startegic buying and selling.
      • New product development and new packaging.
      • Shipment in 20 or 40 Ft fcls. Complete follow up, logistics information about fcls shipped.
      • We work closely with buyers and sellers and add value to their business in terms of market information, technical knowledge transfer, product development. customer satisfaction is our priority.
      • Astra Ryba – is based out of  India, UAE, and other Asian countries

    2.Food Safety Standards And Quality Solutions

    The divison ASTRA BEST FOOD QUALITY SOLUTIONS deals with

    • Process system development and effective implementation support in food industries.
    • Consultancy services for food safety and quality management system ( ISO 9001:2008 (QMS), HACCP (Hazad Analysis Critical Control Point), ISO 22000:2005(FSMS) and GFSI Approved standards like Global standrad for food safety (BRC Food), Food safety system certification (FSSC), International featured standard(IFS), Traceability standards
    • Training on food hygiene, Traceability system, HACCP,GMP, Internal Audit training, Regulatory updates of food industry

    3.Food Processing Solutions

    4.Aquaculture Solutions

       RYBA KING AQUATECH SOLUTIONS PVT LIMITED, is a division for solutions to seafood industry - Imports and Exports Divison




Quality Assurance

Team Astra Ryba is committed to food safety, quality and service. The programs we have in place insure that all of our products are processed with highest standards for quality and food safety in mind.

  • Secret of success is its Quality Assurance Programs and the team of QA inspectors, who are located at different parts of the world at source points.
  • All of our products are made or sourced with wholesome quality ingredients.
  • All plants are HACCP approved.The HACCP system forms the core control system, which is implemented and monitored by qualified professionals
  • Plants are certified by the B.R.C. (British Retail Consortium) a premier world-wide food safety organization.
  • BAP certified. ( Best Aquaculture Practices)
  • Astra Ryba monitors all daily production QA reports on sanitation, GMPs, microbiological & drug testing, raw material and finished goods.
  • All finished goods and raw materials have 100% traceability.
  • All aquaculture products pass antibiotic testing in house processing facilities and external labs
  • The Quality Culture of ASTRA RYBA believes in the continuous improvement of systems and process. This philosophy has seen the company grow exponentially and successfully.


Sustainability of our food supply requires the preservation of natural resources of wild caught species, and ensuring that aquaculture can indefinitely continue production without harm to the environment and its ecosystems. Astra Ryba is committed to a sustainable future.

Astra Ryba is proud of our commitment to being environmentally conscious and responsible. We support the sustainable growth and / or harvest of Seafoods around the world and participate in globally recognised sustainability programs.


We are a sustainable company trained to meet the unique and demanding needs of our clients with our professional and well-trained staff.

To give solutions to complex seafood and food sourcing industry -  processing, food safety and Quality assurance.


Astra Ryba, strives to be the best supplier of seafood and be a preferred destination for world wide buyers, Importers, distributors, retailers of seafood, and it also strives to be recognised the best in industry for sourcing, sales and marketing solutions, in terms of strategy, timely information, quality, pricing and deliveries.